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With lots of questions being asked in Chat, I decided to write this up to answer some questions since some people don’t understand. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS IN CHAT!

Q: Why don’t the Veoh Animes have Episode numbers? I’m lost! Where do I start!
A: The veoh videos DO NOT have episode numbers. The FIRST episode ALWAYS begins ALL The way on the right. Scroll as much as you can to the RIGHT side in the Veoh Video player, and play that episode. Thats the first episode. When you want to get to episode 2, Simply click the video to the left of that one.

Q: Why won’t Any non Divx video load?
A: For GoFish videos / Veoh , you need to install shockwave. Shockwave is free and downloaded at

Q: Why won’t divx videos load? Or any of my videos load?
A: You need to download Divx. Divx is free and needed to watch almost all of the videos here. You can download it at It too, is free. Make sure to close your browser and reopen after installing Divx webplayer.

Q: Whats that annoying beep sound I keep hearing?
A: Thats the chat, it can be muted by hitting the speaker in the bottom left corner.

Q: Why is my video stopping and playing randomly?
A: The video isn’t fully buffered, wait a few minutes for the buffer bar (The bar that goes ahead of the progress marker in Divx and the blue bar in Veoh) It is the gray bar in Veoh, and the blue bar in divx.

Q: Why is the video loading so slowly? Is it your server?
A: All of our videos are hosted off site, so it is not our speed problem. However if site navigation is slow, it is either your ISP, or it is us and we are probably aware of it and working to fix it.

Q: A link is broken, what should I do?
A: Tell us if we’re in chat (Admin names below) Or email us at and we’ll try to get it back up as fast as we can.

Q: I don’t see an Anime on here that I like, can you add it?
A: Tell us if we’re in chat (list below) or email us, we’ll try to get it up as soon as possible!

Q: When does the new Bleach/Shippuden/any continuing anime is going to be out?
A:Most continuing animes (this holds true for the first three) are released every week. Be patient! (Soon to come: the days of the week they are released, I’ll find them soon)

Q: What are the chat rules?
A: The chat rules are:
1. Keep the chat PG 13, if you want to discuss something not PG 13, take it to the PMs. (Sexual talk and swearing needs to stay at a minimum).
2. No external linking, linking to a page on AnimeThat! is fine.
3. No spamming, you will be warned.
4. Keep it civil, no flame wars.
5. No inappropriate names, you will be asked to change it.
6. Don’t impersonate Mods or Admins.
7. Don’t harass the Mods, you will be banned.
8. Don’t edit your text, that means no color changes, no bolding, video embeds, text size changes, etc.
9. CAPS LOCKS MAY BE CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL, but don’t use caps obsessively.
10. Don’t start political, religious, or any other controversial debates, keep it to PMs.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning, and if continued, banned from chat.

Q: Who are the mods/admins?



(Note: The Old Admins still visit from time to time. Treat them with respect, as they are the founders of the site, and still have their Moderator Powers.)

Q: My picture in chat isn’t loading, whats wrong?
A: You have to refresh the chat box.

Q: I have a problem with the video and your solutions above don’t work.
A: Try downloading and using firefox. Other solutions include refreshing the page, restarting your computer, or disabling a firewall (Some firewalls block divx). Also MAKE Sure to close all other windows, except the one with the video on it. Also, if you just installed Divx web player, Restart your web browser, it should work then.

Q: I love this website, how can I help you guys out?
A:Tell your friends! This website is free to use, and always will be! Simply spread the word, Thats the best way to help out! Put up a link in your myspace / Facebook as well! We would also appreciate a link back from your own website / Blog !

These are a lot of basic questions that are frequently asked in chat. This FAQ will be updated periodically. If you have a question or problem that isn’t up here, feel free to ask it in chat or Email me directly at I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP.

For questions regarding chat, to apply to become a Mod or to report a broken episode please email: